I wonder what brought you here?


  • Was it just one book too many on that pile of marking?

  • Finding it difficult to keep working relationships harmonious?

  • Work seems to be taking over all you do?

  • The student that has so many needs they take up all your time?

  • Not sleeping well? Eating poorly?

  • Lost your motivation and passion for a job you really do love underneath?

  • Holidays are all you think about?

  • Feeling guilty about not doing enough?

  • Maybe something else?


Coaching can provide some useful strategies for you to use to deal with all of the above

and they don't just work in school - you can use them in your personal life too!


This is just an idea of some of the things you could benefit from:

  • A way of seeing others' perspectives

  • A tool to help you manage potentially stressful situations such as interviews.

  • A method to hone your communcation skills and understand others better


So if you want to:

  • Find your energy and passion for teaching again

  • Renew motivation

  • Find the best way to manage stress

  • Envisage possibilites

  • Use great strategies on yourself and with your students and colleagues.



Testimonials from a Whole School INSET:

“A great idea for an experienced teacher to deliver this – it was directly relevant to our job role.”

“The session as a whole was great. I particularly liked the structure of the last exercise… talking about it with a colleague, we found both found it reassuring.”

“Reframing exercise was very good and useful. I felt less worried afterwards.”

“Time to think and share was a positive aspect of training.”


“Loved the reframing exercise, will use this and the goals exercise again.”

“Excellent tips on being more positive.”

“Time to reflect was very helpful to me.”

“I had already made some changes to enable me to achieve my goal this year but you have really made me think about what else I need to do.”

“Reframing exercise was great – I’ll be using this with my Year 11’s!

“Thank you Nicola, I really valued the sessions and believe work/life balance is a serious issue”

“Very useful indeed.”


Coaching for teachers

I have greater self-belief and more confidence. My biggest realisation is I'm better than I think I am....

I felt very at ease working with Nicola. I looked forward to the sessions and the hour went by very quickly. The follow up emails helped to keep me on track and remind me of what I said.

Teacher James B