Small Steps to Greater Confidence

2 day course for Confidence and Improved Self Esteem
11 and 18 January 2019
Do you ever find yourself saying:
  •  ‘I’ve never been confident’
  • ‘I shy away from things and haven’t achieved all I want to’
  • ‘I clam up and can’t speak’
  • I'm so stuck in my comfort zone, I want to get out of it'
  • ‘I just don’t have the courage to do….’
Then this course is for you! Due to high demand for coaching around confidence and self-esteem I have tailor made a course that focuses on just that. 
What you can expect:
  • Techniques to help you overcome tricky situations
  • Find your own brand of confidence that is right for you
  • Face some fears that have held you back
  • Strategies to get  you out of your comfort zone, without heading into panic zone! 
What is included:
  • 2 full days on the well situated Floating Harbour Studio
  • Small group, friendly and welcoming environment.
  • Refreshment and lunch - and not just any lunch! From the amazing Pinkmans
Price: £350 - 'Silver'
£400 'Gold' includes a follow up one-to-one session with Nicola 
How do I book?
Please book via Eventbrite  by clicking here
Flaoting Harbour studios.jpg
Venue: Floating Harbour Studios, Welshback,Bristol