Bite-sized coaching- 

Short sessions with impact 

Bite sized coaching is aimed at people who are busy but would still like to learn some useful coaching and NLP tips and techniques. They cover a range of themes which I commonly meet when coaching individuals.  What is NLP?

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Friday 15 November 2019 | 10 am 12 pm | Bristol
Saturday 16th November 2019 (repeated)
Communication: Tips and techniques on how to listen better, put your point across and make yourself heard.
Who is it for?
  • This is for everyone! We can all be better listeners, when we know some simple techniques. We can also choose our language more carefully to put our point across.
  • Some really useful tips to improve your communication and your relationships too! 
Coming up
6 December - repeated Saturday 7th December 
Managing unwelcome emotions: - swish those bad feelings away
10 January 2020  - repeated Saturday 11 January
Top tips for setting goals and deciding what you want for the year ahead
7 February 2020 - repeated 8 February
Confidence! How to show up as your best self. Learn techniques that help improve your self confidence.
Also coming up:
Confidence: Showing up as your best self and tips for how to do this!
Motivation: Getting things done, finding your unique style and what's getting in the way
NLP Demystified: A chance to learn and practice some helpful NLP tips and techniques. Emphasis very much on the practical
Know yourself better: A fun session using collage as a way into some deeper ideas, core values and beliefs.
Overwhelmed: Learning how to manage those feelings which can stop us in our tracks and find simple effective ways to get back on track
Checking in With Goals: Mid way through the year coming back to those goals and seeing how they are progressing. 
Guided by you! 
I'm always open to ideas - what would you like to know more about? 

What people say 


"I liked the fact we weren't sitting for entire 2 hours and the lovely laid back style."


...the whole approach the bite sized chunk was easy to commit to both financially and time wise. We covered a manageable amount and it was all really useful" 


thank you for such a great session - I found it really helpful both in terms of the techniques you taught us and knowing that I’m not alone in struggling with confidence! 


What an enjoyable look at what can be tricky moments in life. I feel like I have new tools to help me move forward

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