The session gave me  time to think about how to improve conversations I have been having.


I really enjoyed the whole session. it was interesting and informative  and explained well. I have taken away some techniques that I can use in future.

Training, Workshops and Facilitation

Are you looking for training or workshops for your company or organisation?

With over 30 years of experience in teaching and training, including ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring  I have the skills to offer tailor made packages for your company or organisation that can help with:

  • New management and restructuring

  • New incentives

  • Recruitment

  • Improving perceptions

  • Empowering a workforce to take responsibility and ownership

  • Improving well-being and motivation

  • Managing stress and workload, including work life balance

  • Effective communication

I do

  • Meet with you or call you to ensure expectations are clear and we are the right fit. (This meeting is crucial to the success of the programme)

  • Listen to you

  • Tell you if I'm not the right person

  • Ask attendees to participate and contribute

  • Make sure the programme is a good balance of ideas and involvement

I don't:

  • Talk jargon

  • Judge you

  • Believe in forcing people to attend workshops they don't want to

  • Ask people to do anything they don't want to 

  • Ask attendees to participate in any free form movement or chanting (honestly -  people do ask)


"I just wanted to say what a good day we had with Nicola.

Not only was the day very informative and well presented, it was dynamic and very enjoyable."

ILM level 5 Candidate 2017

"Q: What was the most valuable thing you learned from this training day?


A: So many things but especially the perspective and vibrancy of the trainer - the way that she communicates and the way that she demonstrates her skills tools and techniques."

ILM Level 5 candidate 2016

ILM LEVEL 5 Training Workshops

“The session as a whole was great. I particularly liked the structure of the last exercise… [Reframing tool] talking about it with a colleague, we found both found it reassuring.”

“Reframing exercise was very good and useful. I felt less worried afterwards.”

“Time to think and share was a positive aspect of training.”


“Loved the reframing exercise, will use this and the goals exercise again.”

“Excellent tips on being more positive.”

“Time to reflect was very helpful to me.”

“I had already made some changes to enable me to achieve my goal this year but you have really made me think about what else I need to do.”

“Thank you Nicola, I really valued the sessions and believe work/life balance is a serious issue”

“Very useful indeed.”

INSET training to staff at Charters School, Ascot.