Do I really need life coaching - take this simple quiz!

1.  You have a big presentation to do. It could mean a promotion. What do you do?

a) Panic! It all rests on this and you can’t sleep for days beforehand.
b) Go to the pub the night before and plan on winging it. If they like you it will all be OK, won’t it?
c) Prepare for failure – you never get jobs, they’ll probably give it to someone else anyway.
d) Rehearse possible questions,  get your clothes ready, plan your route to the interview and do some breathing exercises beforehand.

2.  Complete this sentence. If only….

a) I had more friends and could get that job and have a pay rise and go on holiday and get away...
b) I could get that job.  I just need to get my c.v. sorted.
c) I could have more confidence.
d) Everyone were like me.

3.  How is your work life balance?

a) Heavily tipping towards work – no time at all for you.
b)  It’s fine but sometimes things get out of control and pile up.
c) I don't seem to be able to find time to do anything very well.
d)  Perfect.

4. if I could change anything about myself it would be...

a) My life: my friends, my job, my social life, my ability to get overwhelmed and panic.
b) To stop procrastinating and get on with things!
c) To feel more positive especially in new situations.
d) Nothing, I am perfect.

5. I feel stuck in a rut and am looking for a new direction

a) Yes but where do I start?
b) I have a plan, in fact I've made several, I just need to get on with them now.
c) I don’t think there are any opportunities for people like me out there.
d) My life is all planned out thank you.

6. I find myself annoyed by small, niggly things, which can quickly become something much bigger

a) Frequently.
b) Some things really press  my buttons but I just try and ignore them.
c) I think it’s me that’s the small niggly thing...
d) Never – I am in perfect control of everything.


Answers Revealed!

Mainly a’s
There are several things that appear to be on your mind. Sometimes things can feel very overwhelming.   Why not give me a call on 07501817739 and we can work out a plan to get things started and make things clear and you will soon notice a big difference!

Mainly b’s
If you spend your life hiding behind the door and turning your back on things, you could miss some great opportunities.  If you only do one thing today – give me a call on 07501817739

Mainly c’s
There are many talented and interesting people out there. So are you. Let’s work together to find and unearth those talents and skills of yours!  Why not give me a call and we can work on a strategy to get you looking at things in a new way. Here’s my number: 07501817739

Mainly d’s
Wow! Congratulations on having things really well sorted in your life.    Do you ever put yourself in other people' s shoes?  Would this help you understand why not everyone is quite as perfect as you? Or perhaps you know someone who could benefit from coaching? Please pass on my number to them!  07501817739


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