"I got more than expected from the process and enjoyed the refreshing approach which didn’t over analyse things in the past and yet my feelings weren’t ignored."

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Anna , Aid Worker

I started coaching with Nicola at a point in my life when I really needed to rethink my current work situation and find some future direction.  I found the sessions incredibly inspiring and life giving, helping me to re-frame my view not only of my work situation, but of deeper confidence and relationship issues.  I left each session feeling really encouraged and with new tools to use in every day life situations to help me have confidence and see things differently.  Nicola is very empathetic, gentle and extremely insightful.

Liz, Designer in Theatre Industry

The changes were subtle, I found that I was gradually taking more time for myself and going out more. I realised what I knew all along; I knew my interests and passions and am beginning to act upon them.  I rediscovered strengths I have and found that coaching brought me out of my shell. My partner says he feels I am more proactive and positive.’

Sarah, Designer

I feel so much more focused, less stressed and at ease with the fact I am allowing myself to find the right position within a company, that hopefully I feel I can progress within. 

I want to thank you for our meetings and the positive outlook you have helped me to achieve. I am eternally grateful!


CJ, Interior Designer

I benefited from having another perspective helping me to look at things in a different way. Also having someone who could ‘read between the lines’ and highlight deeper issues. 

R.A. Solicitor

The mechanisms we spoke about in our last meeting have genuinely had a profound effect. Looking back now I don't know why I used to think like I did all the time.

F.O. Therapist

You have certainly opened my eyes to the traps I have been falling into and the things I should look at changing.

F.O. Therapist


Further testimonials

Thank you for helping me figure stuff out when my thoughts were all muddled up! I found the sessions really helpful.

A.B. Therapist


The wider impact of coaching on the family:


My 37-year old son was directionless, his wife was threatening to leave, he was in debt and couldn't seem to motivate himself.  He had given me years of worry and I felt at the end of my tether. I was losing patience with him, as were other members of the family. I found Nicola online and she sounded like someone my son would get on  with. He had previously been sceptical about counselling or life coaching but I managed to convince him that he needed the sort of help that I didn't feel qualified to give him and he met Nicola informally  for a preliminary chat I paid for 6 sessions with Nicola and it was the best gift I've ever given my son. With Nicola's help he has faced his fears and has tackled the long-term problems that had made him put his head in the sand. His marriage has been saved and he has achieved some remarkable successes. The whole family feels like a burden has been lifted from us. My son now feels that Nicola gives him a safe place to talk about his future and about himself and I know he won't hesitate to go back to see her if he feels the need.






The coaching helped me to get more organised, prioritise and get things done. I am better organised and thinking more about the future. I have my confidence back and feel more motivated. The follow up emails were helpful recaps on the meetings. I liked working with Nicola – she was good company, a good listener and I enjoyed being coached while walking on the Downs. 

Tom- Gardener and Lego designer




"Throughout the coaching process I felt I had tools made available to me to look at things differently. I got more than expected from the process and enjoyed the refreshing approach which didn’t over analyse things in the past and yet my feelings weren’t ignored.

In terms of the way Nicola works, I found the  follow up emails very useful and I enjoyed meeting on the Downs to walk and talk.

My new strengths are being able to reframe a situation and look at it differently. Just because an experience has been difficult, there are still things we can take from it."

LS  - Marketing Director after the final session




"I came to see Nicola to look at clearing some blocks to developing my business as a holistic therapist. Whilst I am confident in dealing face to face with clients, I have been procrastinating about developing my marketing programme to attract new business. I really enjoyed my first session with Nicola; I am impressed by her deep listening skills and her ability to quickly tease out and reflect back my strengths and potential. Overall it felt like a shared journey to come up with some manageable strategies and next steps, all in a way that kept up the pace without feeling hurried. I was amazed at the progress we made in a short time! I have no hesitation in recommending you contact Nicola if you feel in need of some supportive laser focus to move forward with issues in your personal or working life."

Jan -  Holistic Therapist 



"I am really finding your approach refreshing and our sessions helpful."

LS - Marketing Director 


"Thank you Nicola! It has been a great experience so far."

ME - Writer/dj/Manager 

On the feedback and summaries that are sent after a session...

"I really do appreciate your summaries of our meetings. I feel like I am making progress..! Very much looking forward to our next meeting!"

JB - teacher 


“Nicola helped me to gain confidence both personally and professionally in order to leave an unfulfilling job and find another, in which I am very happy.”

Claire - Teacher 


On why to read these comments...

"I hope whoever may read them, may pursue the opportunity to meet with you and see the results for themselves."

Client -  September 2014



"I feel so much more focused, less stressed and at ease with the fact I am allowing myself to find the right position within a company, that hopefully I feel I can progress within. 

I want to thank you for our meetings and the positive outlook you have helped me to achieve. I am eternally grateful!"

Client - Designer-  September 2014



“…Nicola has enabled me to recognise my strengths, envisage possibilities and explore new and exciting experiences and challenges.”

Rachel - Teaching and Learning Assistant



"I came to Nicola as I was dissatisfied with my career and my work/life balance. I had done a lot of analysis on my own but hadn't achieved clarity or motivation on which direction to take.


I saw Nicola once a week for a month. This was frequent enough to keep momentum, yet allowed enough time to reflect on the previous session, and prepare for the next.


I would prepare for each session by listing out options, ideas, scenarios, and sometimes pros and cons of each. Nicola and I could then dive straight into exploring, scrutinising and prioritising these. A stack of post-it notes was really helpful here. We'd summarise any conclusions from the session and agree a plan of action.


This format worked really well for me. I felt prepared going into each session, the hour together was very productive, and I'd come away feeling like genuine progress had been made."

Client -  October 2014

(Please see blog inspired by this client too!)


"I found Nicola to be friendly and supportive. I went to her with vague thoughts about feeling my life was out of control and wanting some guidance and she was able to pinpoint areas that needed addressing. Her guidance was so helpful and she followed up our one-to-one sessions with an email which always made me go over what we'd discussed. I would highly recommend going to see Nicola if you need a bit of a push to make changes in your life! "

Rebecca - University Lecturer



" My sessions with you have helped me identify what I want and my worth."

Ann - Office Manager



"I always come away from my sessions with you feeling more positive."

CR- IT Systems Manager



"The sessions with Nicola really helped me. They were very relaxed and informal. I got what I needed from the sessions, things seemed clearer in my head and the answers were already there; Nicola just helped me dig deep to find my own answers! highly recommend seeing her."

GJ - Designer


Why to hire Nicola...

" My friend asked for a life coach support and I happily suggested yourself as I really felt you truly listened and took on board my needs without any pressure, so you were the obvious choice! "

BS - Freelance therapist


"I trained with Nicola as an NLP Practitioner. She was my partner during our evaluation day and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her then and since. Nicola's open approach and sincere interest in people make her a great coach. I would certainly recommend her to anyone seeking  help with moving on with their lives and careers."

VB  - Owner of Transport Planning Services Company


“ …thank you for looking after me so well and providing a listening ear to my "predicaments", it was much appreciated .”​

Valerie - Director and Consultant